04.10.2019 - 06.10.2019.


Tango Show

We look forward to seeing You there!


Friday Milonga

21:00-2:00 4th October 2019
LOCATION: Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum - Károlyi utca 16., Budapest, 1053

Our Opening Milonga will be held at this reputable place. At the Lotz Room of the Károly Palace they had already organised dance nights in the old times, and now these times are coming into resuscitation. Come, dance, enjoy the vibe, the good music and the company!

Dresscode: red and black

Performers: Loukas Balokas & Georgia Proiskou (GR)

Dj. Murvai Dávid (Arad)

10 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
12 €/ after 22nd of September
Milonga Pass:
29 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
32 €/ after 22nd of September

Grand Milonga

21:00-3:00 5th October 2019 Saturday
LOCATION: Nemzeti Táncszínház - Kis Rókus utca 16-20, Budapest, 1024

On Saturday we are organising the Grand Milonga of our Festival at an exceptional place, at the Community place of the National Dance Theatre. Come and enjoy the magical, hardwood floor, spacious place, have a nice cocktail at the high quality buffet, and dance through the night.

Dresscode: glittery, elegant

Performers: Performers: Joe Corbata & Lucila Cionci (Argentina)

Dj. Denis Hazir (TR)

13 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
16 €/ after 22nd of September
Milonga Pass:
29 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
32 €/ after 22nd of September

Sunday Closing Milonga

21:00-2:00 6th October 2019
LOCATION: Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum - Károlyi utca 16., Budapest, 1053

On Sunday the Closing Milonga of our Festival will take place at the Ka´roly Palace. At the Lotz Room of the Ka´roly Palace they had already organised dance nights in the old times, and now these times are coming into resuscitation. Come, dance, enjoy the vibe, the good music and the company!

Dresscode: lace, elegant

Performers: Jorge Benvenutti & Raluca Aldea (ARG - RO)

Dj. Georgia (GR)

10 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
12 €/ after 22nd of September
Milonga Pass:
29 €/ until the 22nd of September in early bird
32 €/ after 22nd of September

Tickets available at:

MÜPA Ticket Offices:
1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell street 1. Tel.: (06-1) 555 3300
1061 Budapest VI., Andrássy street 28. Tel.:(06-1) 555 3310, (06-1) 555 3311

Ticket Express:
1061 Budapest, Dalszínház street 10. (az Opera mellett)
Tel.: (06-1) 886 2686, 06 (30) 756 6854

Nemzeti Táncszínház:
Tel.: (06-1) 201 4407, (06-1) 201 8779
Free of charge call from within Hungary: 06 80 10 44 55

1117 Budapest, Október 23. street 8-10.
Tel: 06 30 815 3573, 06 30 815 3582


Loukas Balokas & Georgia Proiskou (GR)

Loukas Balokas & Georgia Proiskou

Loukas Balokas and Georgia Proiskou went together to their first tango class in 2000.Since then and until today their life is bound to this dance.They constantly work with some of the most important tango teachers and staying in Buenos Aires for a long time played a leading role in their dancing culture and evolution. After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography,they have developed a personal style.The characteristics of their dance are the musicality, speed, alterations in the dynamic of the movement and the intense dramatic elements.They love toying with the classical as well as the modern forms, mixing them. Their teaching is based on the understanding of the basic dancing elements, trying to provide our students the necessary tools to create their own dance through an entertaining method. Loukas and Georgia are considered to be one of the couples mainly responsible for the distribution and establishment of the tango scene around Greece. Georgia is also one of the first Greek tango DJs, still playing music in several milongas and festivals. For more than 10 years they teach in the major Greek cities,maintaining a regular student basis in their own tango studio, in Athens (Tangofix).At the same time they participate in important festivals in Europe and Asia.Every year they present their work in several workshops,inside and outside country, while they appear in many theaters,as members of different dancing companies


Joe Corbata & Lucila Cioni (AR)

Joe Corbata & Lucila Cioni

Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata founded in 2007, "Formula Tango", the union of years of experience in individual events and festivals. Surprising is the great plasticity and expressiveness of their dance that presents innovative choreographic elements and a particular and personal way to improvise. This led them to participate to the major Tango Festivals in the world. Argentina, Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Turkey, Holand, Ukraine, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Russia, Canada, USA are the World countries where "Joe" and Lucila showed an original philosophy of teaching getting excellent response from students at all levels. They focus on energies, musicality and a way to get comfortability between the couple. There lessons are useful for apply immediately on the dance floor! Good mood, more knowledge and lot of work are the essence of there philosophy. Courses can be taught in Spanish, Italian, French and English. Today Lucila and "Joe" are members of CID, Conseil International de la Danse, by UNESCO. They participated in the most important dinner-shows in Buenos Aires such us "Piazzola Tango" + "El Viejo Almacen" + "Madero Tango" + "Taconeando". Also International famous shows: "Tango Vivo" and "Nuit Blanche" by the Union Tanguera Company, "Corazon a Corazon" by the Company Zaraza Tango and " Otango" by Otango Ultimate Show. Lucila & "Joe" directed many shows during those years and still creating new productions for the future. For years they were members of the International Jury of the International Championship of Tango Argentino organized by the city government of Buenos Aires. Among the individual experiences: the participation of Lucila to the Carmen in 2008 at the National Opera in London under the direction of the Oscar Winner Sally Potter and the Joes direction for years, of the Company Tango Bizzarro that produced performances in Asia, South America and South Africa. Lucila Cionci and Rodrigo "Joe" Corbata blend the beauty of movement, harmony and connection, creating an exciting and unique dance.


Jorge Benvenutti & Raluca Aldea (AR-RO)

Jorge Benvenutti & Raluca Aldea

Jorge Benvenutti, Argentine Tango Dancer and Teacher, from Resistencia –Chaco, Argentina, with great experience both as artist and in offering to others his knowledge into Tango. He first started at an early age by dancing argentine folklore and at one moment Tango came into his dancing life and change its corse. He won two editions of the World Tango Championship’s Preliminary ( subsede de Resistencia – Chaco ): in 2012 - Champion both in Escenarion and Salon category and in 2013 – Champion in Escenario category. In 2014 he won the title Best Male Dancer in The same Preliminary of Chaco . In 2015 he became National Champion of Festival de Bandera – Buenos Aires, Escenario category. He had numerous Tango projects both in Argentina and worldwide. In 2017 once again Champion, this time of the World Tango Championship Preliminary and Tango Festival of Tucuman, category Salon. Teaching Tango in Chaco ( Argentina ) and with numerous projects of Tango shows in Festival and also on stage, his life is dedicated to this beautiful art of dancing. He is a true ambassador of the authentic Tango and he admires the old stars of the Tango.

Raluca Aldea, a Romanian experienced dancer and dance teacher, she discovered the fascinating and wonderful Dance World at the early age of 4 . She soon realizes that she was meant to dance through life, so she embraces the classical dance, for 16 years. She graduates The National Choreography (ballet) High school in 1997 and dances for 2 years with The Oleg Danovsky Classical and Contemporary Theater. In the year 2000 she decides to leave the classical stage and enters another beautiful dance area, The Ballroom Dance. Throughout her dancing years she meets many other dance styles like: contemporary dance, jazz dance, folklore, salsa, bachata. She also has the chance to watch some Argentine Tango videos and they inspired and drive her in love with IT as she feels that she really connects and resonates with the history, the music, the passion and the magic of the Tango. This was the moment when she decided to learn Tango. As a tango dancer the most notable events among various performances were the semi-finals of The European Tango Championship, Rome 2012– Stage Tango and the finals of The TV contest Dancing Romania, Antena 1 2013, the Final of the 2016 European Championship section Escenario and Semifinal sedction Salon and the First Place in UK Tango Championship 2017 which led to her participation in the World Tango Championship of 2017.

Jorge and Raluca – In the spring of 2018 they started a beautiful partnership advised by their common good friend Max Van de Voorde and for three month they teach and danced together in Bucharest and also touring Romania and going to Budapest at Mr. Laszlo Budai’s kind invitation, to teach and dance there for a weekend. Their activity as Tango teachers and dancers was very much appreciated both in Rumania and in Budapest so they decided to continue their collaboration . The fall of 2019 brings for them another three months of Tango partnership, projects and wonderful surprises. Both of them Love Tango and the audience can observe this aspect in their dance. Jorge had the opportunity to work and study Tango with old and renowned Tango Maestros from Argentina and he really puts in his dance their great teachings. They enjoy each other’s embrace and live the dance fully.

"It will be a great honor for us to be once again in Budapest, meeting again all the beautiful Tango Friends there and being in such wonderful company! Can’t wait to see you all again at October Pest Tango Fest 2019!!"


Ws location: BudaiTangoClub, 1068 Bp. Szondi utca 98/b


4th Oct Friday

18:00 WS1 Loukas&Georgia
Small combinations with crossing steps. An easy tool to dance on the beat (ALL)

19:15 WS2 Jorge&Raluca
Secrets from the Old Milongueros (ALL)

20:30 WS3 Joe&Lucila
Tango hug, the flexibility and energy of the open and closed hug (ALL)

5th Oct Saturday

11:00 WS4 Joe&Lucila
Improvisation, the combination of 4-5 figure with the living of now: saccades, giros, boleos, ganchos, stops (INT-ADV)

12:30 WS5 Joe&Lucila
The tempo, the rhythm, and the harmony in our dance (ALL)

14:00 WS6 Jorge&Raluca
Vals- cadenas for a fluid dance (ALL)

15:30 WS7 Jorge&Raluca
Milonga- tips and tricks of the old Milongueros (ALL)

17:00 WS8 Loukas&Georgia
Paradas and adornos . Decorations for leaders and followers during pauses (INT)

18:30 WS9 Loukas&Georgia
Ideas to ''play'' with followers' free leg. Mixing classic boleos with alternative techniques (INT-ADV)

6th Oct Sunday

11:00 WS10 Jorge&Raluca
Playing with the axis and the circularity- planeos of the lady and of the man, calecita (INT-ADV)

12:30 WS11 Jorge&Raluca
Simple figures can surprise your partner (INT)

14:00 WS12 Loukas&Georgia
Milonga. Simple ways to create turns for milonga dancers (ALL)

15:30 WS13 Loukas&Georgia
Sequences for "Vals lovers" (ALL)

17:00 WS14 Joe&Lucila
The Giro-s and their changes in direction. The preparation is technical. Changes of energies and their musical consequences (INT-ADV)

18:30 WS15 Joe&Lucila
Milonga, the loved milonga: moves, sequences, sedation, reaction, playfulness (ALL)



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3-6 WS4500 HUF​/16 €/WS5500 HUF​/18 €/WS
7-12 WS4200 HUF​/15 €/WS5000 HUF​/17 €/WS
13-15 WS4000 HUF​/13 €/WS4600 HUF​/16 €/WS
WS PASS56000 HUF​/190 €65000 HUF​/220 €

Couple registration discount: 10% for workshops, WS PASS or OKTPEST PASS prices

Taxi dancer: additional 3000 HUF​/10 €/WS.

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Friday3000 HUF​/10 €3500 HUF​/12 €
Saturday4000 HUF​/13 €4500 HUF​/16 €
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MILONGA PASS9000 HUF​/29 €10000 HUF​/32 €


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OKTPEST PASS65000 HUF​/220 €75000 HUF​/250 €



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